Intensive Outpatient Services

For clients that require alcohol rehab or drug rehab but face time constraints borne out of commitments to work and family responsibilities, we offer access to Intensive Outpatient Programs that do not require in-residenceattendance.

Outpatient treatment is essentially the same as In-Patient Treatment but provided in either day or evening settings with clients residing in their home environments. Treatment is provided through individualized one-to-one and group therapies, workshops and seminars for between 12 and 30 hours per week, and clients are often allowed to choose their own treatment schedule.

Active Recovery Solutions is an advocate of 12 Step linked treatment protocols, which is the most popular and effective method available today. Although this type of treatment is taken from the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, it is provided in a highly structured and therapeutic environment requiring the client to participate for a minimum of one month. As Outpatient Services allow the client to reside at home throughout treatment, a great emphasis is placed on relapse prevention and coping techniques

Outpatient services are recommended for clients that live in alcohol and drug free environments and require less structure or supervision. If you or your loved one live in an environment that is not condusive to a stress-free recovery, we strongly suggest considering inpatient treatment.

Before entering the recovery process it is essential that Active Recovery Solutions conduct a preliminary assessment of you or your loved one to determine whether there are any exisiting medical, psychological or social conditions to determine the most appropriate type of treatment. We only refer our clients to the most accomplished recovery programs and want to be sure that our information is accurate.

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