In-Patient Treatment

Active Recovery Solutions is a specialist in identifying appropriate treatment programs for clients that require a highly structured environment that is clinically suitable for their particular case. We appreciate that no two clients are the same or that one treatment program does not fit all.

In-patient treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction, co-occurring disorders or other mental health issues removes the alcoholic or addict from their usual environment (which is likely to full of triggers, concerns and problems) and places them in a safe setting where intensive therapies can be conducted without concern of outside issues.

Active Recovery Solutions is an advocate of 12 Step linked treatment protocols, which is the most popular and effective method available today. Although this type of treatment is taken from the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, it is provided in a highly structured and therapeutic environment requiring the client to participate for a minimum of one month. There is evidence to show that a client will actually benefit greatly from an episode of treatment lasting a minimum of 90 days, following a continuum of care through primary residential treatment and into transitional living.

In-patient treatment provides clients with an unobscured opportunity to concentrate on learning to change destructive behaviors and attitudes toward alcohol and/or drug abuse. Gaining the capacity to identify and deal with these situations while understanding their own attitude and position in life is key and necessary to prevent the individual falling into relapse.

Before entering the recovery process it is essential that Active Recovery Solutions conduct a preliminary assessment of you or your loved one to determine whether there are any exisiting medical, psychological or social conditions to determine the most appropriate type of treatment. We only refer our clients to the most accomplished treatment programs and want to be sure that our information is accurate.

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